Greenbank production at maximum capacity as Cobalt sales increase

Greenbank Recycling Solutions, the Middlesbrough-based waste equipment manufacturer and supplier, has invested £400,000 into specialist polystyrene recycling machines to meet increasing demand.

5 Strategies to Streamline Your Waste Processes and Reduce Downtime

Streamlining your waste process can save valuable time that's usually spent on equipment maintenance and money that would otherwise go towards replacing parts. 

4 Effective Strategies for Reducing the Costs of Waste Maintenance

Commercial waste that goes to landfill now costs nearly £100 per tonne of waste, so it’s important to save money wherever you can. You can do this by reducing the amount of waste your company produces where possible but you can also achieve it by[…]

How to Apply the Waste Management Hierarchy in 2021

No matter the sector you work in, your organisation will produce some waste, but how much you produce and how you can dispose of it effectively depends on your unique needs. For example, if you’re a large retailer, you may produce a large amount of[…]

Waste Management Products And Services Tailored To You

Every business is different and that means every waste management process will be unique, influenced by the specific business needs and circumstances that you currently operate with. No waste management is too difficult to plan. With the right[…]

5 Waste Disposal Methods You Need To Know

There are many methods of waste disposal, some more high-tech than others. Each has its own associated pros and cons, ranging from efficiency to cost-effectiveness and even how environmentally-friendly they are. 

Waste Machinery Servicing

Greenbank’s waste handling equipment is built to withstand harsh working environments, heavy usage and many waste types, but only as long as you maintain it throughout its life cycle.

What Are The Benefits Of Waste Compaction?

Waste compaction is a simple, yet highly effective way of dealing with waste materials across a multitude of businesses and industries. Whether you work in construction or retail, the benefits of waste compaction are hard to miss. But for the[…]

How to Reduce Your Business’ Carbon Footprint

Sustainability and being ‘green’ are important things to pursue in the modern business world. It’s a concept that’s becoming more and more popular for businesses and their customers, who want to buy from greener companies. 84% of businesses say they[…]

Landfill Tax Rates: What You Need To Know

On April 1st 2020, the UK Landfill Tax was raised from £91.35/tonne to £94.15/tonne. It’s been steadily increasing for a number of years. This is the standard rate, with the rate for ‘inert’ waste (waste that is neither chemically or biologically[…]