Connect, monitor and analyse your equipment

The BRA-IN information system has been specially incorporated to increase efficiency. This software can be integrated with your machinery to provide intelligent real time reporting.

The system will keep you updated on the skip full levels; baler service status and can be adjusted remotely. Whether you only have a baler, or an entire fleet of machines, our monitoring solution will add value to your daily operations. Helping you with:

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Data Collection - Fill levels, balers ready for collection, equipment errors etc.

Visualisation - Follow performance and location of machines

Interaction - With your machines, via relevant SMS / email notifications to you and your service partners.

Greenbank can access the machine remotely, in the event of any downtime we are able to analyse the machine from our offices. As you can see from the table below we are able to access a series of error messages, some of which can be solved remotely without the need for an engineer to attend site. 

We can also set up automatic notifications that can be sent to your waste provider when a specific amount of bales are ready for collection. SHIFT Manager

Still got questions? Check out our explainer video HERE

Our technical advisers are on hand to answer any queries,  please call the office on 01642 249924