Large vs Small Balers

The bale size is only one of the criteria for selecting a suitable waste compaction machine. Depending on your warehouse's conditions and company logistics inside, some require small easy-to-handle bales, while others are able to process larger mill[…]

Site Waste Management Plans in Construction

According to Wrap’s ‘Reducing your construction waste’ report, the UK construction industry uses 400 million tonnes of material every year. 25 million tonnes of that number goes straight to landfill. A vast proportion of that waste is able to be[…]

4 Effective Strategies for Reducing the Costs of Waste Maintenance

Commercial waste that goes to landfill now costs nearly £100 per tonne of waste, so it’s important to save money wherever you can. You can do this by reducing the amount of waste your company produces where possible but you can also achieve it by[…]

Waste Management Products And Services Tailored To You

Every business is different and that means every waste management process will be unique, influenced by the specific business needs and circumstances that you currently operate with. No waste management is too difficult to plan. With the right[…]

Waste Machinery Servicing

Greenbank’s waste handling equipment is built to withstand harsh working environments, heavy usage and many waste types, but only as long as you maintain it throughout its life cycle.

Connect, Monitor and Analyse Your Equipment

Managing your business’ waste is important, but that doesn’t mean it should be difficult or time-consuming. Now, with BRA-IN, waste management doesn’t have to take unnecessary time, effort and planning.

How Do I Know Which Baler Model I Need?

Balers are extremely functional and incredibly beneficial additions to any business’ waste management process. They take waste materials, such as cardboard or plastic and press it into easily-handled bales of various sizes - depending on your baler[…]

What’s the ROI on your baler?


Have you ever considered using coloured baler strapping?


Baler or Compactor: Which is Right for Me?

New customers often ask us whether they need a baler or a compactor. There’s a number of differences that are worth knowing as not every waste stream has the same requirements for management and disposal. Waste balers and compactors are fantastic[…]