5 Sustainable Ways to Reduce Manufacturing Waste

Manufacturing processes are key drivers of waste production in any business. While waste management processes will, more often than not, have been put in place, there’s always room for improvement. 

Site Waste Management Plans in Construction

According to Wrap’s ‘Reducing your construction waste’ report, the UK construction industry uses 400 million tonnes of material every year. 25 million tonnes of that number goes straight to landfill. A vast proportion of that waste is able to be[…]

How Companies Can Improve their Waste Management Processes

Business waste - while it’s an ever-present item and an ongoing byproduct of business processes - it’s never the first thing on people’s minds. This means that waste management processes are, more often than you’d think, not up to standard. 

Waste Management Products And Services Tailored To You

Every business is different and that means every waste management process will be unique, influenced by the specific business needs and circumstances that you currently operate with. No waste management is too difficult to plan. With the right[…]

Waste Machinery Servicing

Greenbank’s waste handling equipment is built to withstand harsh working environments, heavy usage and many waste types, but only as long as you maintain it throughout its life cycle.

4 Factors That Leads To Poor Waste Management And How To Combat Them

There are a number of causes of poor waste management and they can all be tackled with the appropriate amount of attention. Imagine you’re working within a retail business and find yourself knee-deep in polythene wrapping - what could have been the[…]

Static Compactor vs Portable Compactor, What’s the Difference?

Waste compactors are generally used by companies with high volumes of low-value mixed waste. Compactors are designed to compress the waste to reduce the volume of space required. 

Calling all Household Waste Centres: The Wolfpak WP30 is now Available


Bespoke Static Compactor Bin Lift Solution

We were recently contacted by a hospital in the North West of England, to create a bespoke waste management solution.

Product Focus: Static Screw Compactors