How Your Company Can Support Sustainable Waste Management

Sustainable waste management is a complex topic. It covers waste generation, collection and disposal. Traditionally, waste management could mean generating a type of waste, collecting it and then sending it to landfill. Sustainable waste management[…]

3 Tips on Setting Sustainable Waste Management Goals

It's not easy to check the performance or ROI of your sustainability efforts. How can you truly determine how ‘green’ you're being? You can see how much you might be saving with a certain waste contractor or by investing in waste management[…]

Connect, monitor and analyse your equipment

The BRA-IN information system has been specially incorporated to increase efficiency. This software can be integrated with your machinery to provide intelligent real time reporting.

How to Move Your Company Toward Zero Waste

Zero waste management is becoming increasingly popular, easier to achieve and more widespread throughout businesses. It’s being pursued in efforts to ‘green’ business practices and usually involves changes to supply chains, raw material choices and[…]

How to Improve Your Business Waste Management Plan

Waste management plans (WMPs) are crucial additions to your overall operational model. Every business creates waste of some form, so you need to determine the right way to deal with it. However, some types of waste or poor waste management can cause[…]

What are the Benefits of a Portable Waste Compactor?

A waste compactor reduces the volume of space required to store waste. This means fewer collections are needed for disposal, leading to an ultimately lower business cost. Portable waste compactors are smaller and more flexible in space requirements[…]

Vertical Baler Door Options

It’s often not the first thought that pops into your mind when comparing vertical baler options, but nevertheless one that may be a complete game changer!

4 Factors That Leads To Poor Waste Management And How To Combat Them

There are a number of causes of poor waste management and they can all be tackled with the appropriate amount of attention. Imagine you’re working within a retail business and find yourself knee-deep in polythene wrapping - what could have been the[…]

What Are The Results Of Poor Waste Management?

Developing an effective and compliant waste management strategy is the right choice for any business. Poor waste management can have an effect on hygiene, efficiency, safety and even end up leaving you with regulatory fines. That’s why investing in[…]

Vertical Balers, everything you need to know!

Greenbank are proud suppliers of Bramidan vertical balers! We offer two ranges of vertical balers, our standard B range and also an X - range.