Vertical Balers, everything you need to know!

Greenbank are proud suppliers of Bramidan vertical balers! We offer two ranges of vertical balers, our standard B range and also an X - range.  

The first question asked is usually, what's the difference?

In simple terms, the X range is designed for challenging materials such as plastic bottles (PET) and expandable plastic, it also features a low loading height due to its cross cylinder design.  Whilst the B range is great for any ordinary recyclables such as cardboard and polythene.

The second is often, how do your balers differ to others in the industry? 

We’re proud to offer a sustainable baling solution, our balers are energy efficient - on average our mill size balers have a cycle time of 26 seconds, that's 14 seconds quicker than the industry average! Whilst most millsize balers have a 7.5 kw motor, our B50 millsize baler has a 5.5 kw motor. When you work out how many bales you make, per day, per week and per year there’s a huge amount of energy savings to be made. 


In terms of noise output, our balers have a low noise level of just 62-64 dB, this is just 10dB higher than a refrigerator. Bramidan balers are designed with improved productivity in mind, shorter cycle times allow operatives more time to complete other tasks, the low noise level allows for an improved working environment.

To sum it up, the key features on both the B & X - Range :

  • Low noise operation
  • Compact design with small footprint
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Large range of sizes, producing bales from 40kg to mill-size

You can view our full range of vertical balers HERE, we've split them up into small, medium and large categories! Individual specification sheets can be downloaded from each product page.

Still got questions? Our technical advisers are on hand to answer any queries,  contact us today

If you'd like to explore more on vertical balers, download our brochure.

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