Vertical Balers: Small, Medium, Large? Does it Matter?

Today we are putting vertical balers into the spotlight and investigating their use and effectiveness within a busy environment where lots of waste presents an issue. In assessing the different sizes available we will help determine the best machine to suit your needs.

Let’s define;

First of all, we need to work out if a vertical baler is in fact for you. Creating solid, saleable blocks from recyclables, these machines specifically handle waste such as paper, cardboard, textiles, foam, plastics, bottles and cans.

Questions for you;

  1. Does your company handle this type of waste in bulk?
  2. Would you prefer to avoid landfill?
  3. Would an additional revenue stream be useful?
  4. Is there enough space to house a relevant machine? 

If you have answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, read on. However, if the waste you need to dispose of is food or liquid based, we suggest a Self Cleaning Compactor.

Choosing the right machine in the first instance is important. If for example, your company handles huge amounts of waste, a small vertical baler will simply not do. Make sure to factor in the amount of waste produced. Once determined, you are already on your way to reducing any waste ordinarily sent to landfill (big plus points for your carbon footprint).

Additional revenue is always beneficial!

Surely the answer to question 3 will always be yes. The knock on effect of additional revenue encompasses yet again, an increased carbon footprint. Additional benefits include a faster and more structured waste process whilst saving time, effort and energy. The amount of waste you have can actually be reduced by anything up to 90% - amazing!

Where will it fit?

This is where you need to take into consideration the amount of produced waste. Should this be relatively small, a large vertical baler is probably not essential, even if there is space to accommodate it. Assess both of these factors based on internal processes and existing layout. In the meantime, please find some information and helpful statistics below. 

Small Vertical Balers

B3 small baler in yellow

Perfect for small retail and industry spaces, performance is never compromised.

  • 30 - 60kg Bales
  • High Compaction
  • Low Footprint
  • 3 - 10 T Press Force

We recommend B3, B4 and B5W Baler with the X10 as an additional consideration.

Medium Vertical Balers

b20 medium vertical baler in yellow

With a superior press force, a medium vertical baler works well for larger retail stores and bigger industrial premises.

  • 200 - 350kg Bales
  • Superior Press Force
  • Wide Feed Opening
  • 20 - 25 T Press Force

We recommend the B20 and X25 Balers.

Large Vertical Balers

b30 large baler, yellow

With the ability to bale large amounts of waste, large machines are ideal for companies with a fast and frequent flow of recyclables.

  • 275 - 550kg Bales
  • Reduces Labour Costs
  • Improves On Site Safety
  • 30 - 50 T Press Force

We recommend the X30 and the X50 Vertical Balers.