VIDEO BLOG: Upto 98% air but takes up so much room

Despite the fact polystyrene is made up of upto 98% air and weighs practically nothing, it’s quick to fill up bins and skips.

Greenbank's Polystyrene Compactors have a compaction ratio of 40:1 and this means that not only will an EPS compactor reduce disposal costs significantly, it will also add an additional revenue stream to your business.

Certain recyclers will pay between £300 and £600 per tonne meaning the investment into a polystyrene machine not only pays for itself but allows for profit.

At Greenbank we offer three models of EPS compactors. Each of these hold a different specification and vary mainly in size.

The SC1000 as featured in the video above compacts wet and dry polystyrene and is a low maintenance option, with prices starting from £41 per week. Our SC2000 will handle 70-90 kg of EPS/hour based upon density. Finally, the SC3000 EPS polystyrene compactor offers perfectly stackable blocks whilst ensuring the maximum payload is maintained for export.

We will advise on the most suitable polystyrene compactor to suit space and usage in the first instance. Contact us today for a free waste audit