What's the difference between B range and X range vertical balers?

B-series balers are suitable for compacting cardboard, paper and dry soft plastic. All B-series balers are characterised by a classic design with cylinders placed on top.

In terms of materials, B-series balers can compact cardboard, paper, and dry soft plastic. We always recommend that you consult with a member of our sales team before you start compacting other materials in the baler.

X-series balers are our heavy-duty line of machines that are suitable for numerous types of waste materials. These balers have a low overall height due to the cross cylinders, which makes installation simple. Furthermore, our X-series balers have the lowest noise level in the market.

Our X-series balers can compact many different materials. Besides cardboard, paper, and dry soft plastic, they can also be used for big bags, plastic bottles (PET), expandable plastic, aluminium and tin cans.

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